Four Best IP Changer Software For Windows

Everyone wants to use internet anonymously and securely, some people also want to access prohibited site either in their school, office, hostels or sometimes countries. I have been asked many times by people about How to change ip address? Or how to access blocked site on internet and some people asked me which vpn software is best. So I am going to tell Four Best IP Changer software for windows which you can use for free and with ease.

How to Use Vlc player for Screen Recording and Downloading Youtube Videos

Most people are pretty familiar with VLC Media Player. It has many features and is considered one of the most versatile video players today. But we usually use this multi-platform software only to play various types of video and audio files. Today I am going to show you a few tricks on how you can use VLC media player to convert, rip, stream and download any type of video files including those from YouTube easily.

vlc-screen recording

  1. Here’s the steps on how to Use VLC player for Screen Recording and downloading Youtube Videos
  2. First of all you need to have a stable Internet connection and the latest version of VLC media player installed in your PC. This is because some of the earlier versions had bugs and were not stable enough during video streaming.
  3. The next step is to stream your video onto your VLC player interface.
  4. Find a video on YouTube and copy its URL from the address bar. In VLC player, head to Media bar and click ‘Open Network Stream.’ Paste your YouTube link in the bar and click Play. The player by now will automatically start streaming and playing the video file. You can now pause, play, stop, fast forward and even rewind the clip at any point in the VLC player.
  5. The next step is for downloading the video
  6. Select Tools and click Codec Information.
  7. In the box that says Location, right click the whole block of text and Select All. Copy this text to your clipboard and head back to your browser.
  8. Paste the link in the address bar and press go or enter.
  9. This will start to load the source file directly from YouTube servers and the video file will start playing.
  10. Right click anywhere inside the video as it plays and select Save Video As.
  11. Press enter key and your browser will start automatically to download the video file.

Another way that one can use to rip clips from YouTube videos as they’re streaming on your VLC player is by using the red button and recording video in the player itself. This is particularly handy when you need to grab only a small clip or part out of a long video. You can use any of the above mentioned ways to download video files not only from YouTube but also popular social sites like Facebook, MySpace, Vines and Google plus.

To capture desktop screening with VLC player is also simple.

Click media, then open capture device. A new box will open, select desktop for capture mode. Set the frame rate of the video clip. Click on the arrow next to play button and click convert. A box will appear, write a name or words for the video and put the extension as .mp4. Example desktop001.mp4. Then click on settings, on video codecs select a suitable bit rate of 2000kb/s. Click start and minimize the VLC player to the background as it records. To stop the recording simply click stop. The recorded desktop screening clips will automatically be saved in my documents as desktop001.mp4 file.
I hope you enjoyed our easy to understand tutorial on how to stream and download YouTube videos with VLC player. Do leave your thoughts in comments.

The Best New Features of Windows 10

The latest version of the most used operating system on the computers in the world is Windows 10. It is the most common and the most popular operating with an ease of use and affordable by everyone. The windows 10 is a successor to the windows 8.1 version and extends the vision which was introduced in windows 8. Windows in now aiming for one platform for various devices, ranging from mobiles to tablets till the desktops and laptops. They aim to provide similar type of platform on every device so that it becomes easy to use and synchronize between different devices. By doing this microsoft also aiming to increase their share in the smartphone market, which is currently being dominated by android. Thus Windows 10 is trying to provide simplified interface which is feature rich so it can be used on different devices easily. Like we can see these days there are a few laptop brands launching two in one detachable devices.

win 10

Coolest Features of Windows 10

  1. Cortana
    With Windows 10, microsoft has launched a their competition to the Apple’s Siri and Google Now service. Microsoft has launched their new virtual personal assistant application and named her Cortana. Cortana is available through one click voice commands and comes in very handy for taking notes and opening apps etc.Users can also use it to ask general questions and it fetches answers instantly.
  2. Microsoft Edge
    After a long time and various demotions of the Internet Explorer. Microsoft has finally released a revised Internet Browser for mobile as well as laptop devices. The Microsoft Edge seems to be faster, more easy to use and comes with a few integrated features like notepad, reading mode etc.
  3. Tablet Mode
    Windows 10 has this all new Tablet Mode which is specially designed for hybrid computers, in which when you detach the keyboard from your laptop, it becomes like a tablet and the interface changes a bit. The tablet mode is very useful and good for portable operations.
  4. Start Button
    After being eliminated from windows 8, the infamous start button is reimagined and is back in windows 10. Various new services have been added to the start button, like active app management, quick searches and ability to quickly turn off and re start your computer.
  5. Improved Command Prompt
    After a long time, command prompt has been officially improved by microsoft. It has some new features like improved copy and paste for big sized codes and some small interface changes.


Tell us which of these feature you found the most helpful and use the most. Relatively, these features could be useful to different types of peoples according to the requirements of people. If you liked this article and found it helpful, then please share it with your friends on social media.